The Statistics page is for viewing your current statistics for your plan. Your statistics are in real time.

If you can not see the statistics graphs yet, you need to create an API Key. The stats only become available once you have created your first key.

If you think your stats are not up-to-date then you will need to ensure you are connected to the Internet then press the 'Refresh' button in the top right hand corner of the page.

API Keys

To create your first API Key, all you need to do is press Generate API Key. This button is found in the bottom right of the API Keys section on the statistics page.

Once you have created your first key, you will be able to deactivate, replace, copy and verify your key.

NOTE: When you make a change to your key you will have to wait around 5 seconds for your key to become fully active again.

How to test the API

You can test the API with your settings by going to the API Keys section on the Statistics page and clicking the 'Test API' button.

You will see the API Testing section pop down. You now will be able to test the API.

Select the profile with the settings that you would like to use to test.

If you have not created any extra settings profiles on your account then you can use the default profile.

The default profile is your accounts profile with the settings that you have set. If you haven't changed any settings yet it will be the default censorREACT settings.

Enter your text or place your image in the area that censorREACT has provided for you.

NOTE: The image api has a max image size of 10MB.

You will be able to test your content by pressing 'Try Text API'. Your result should be processed and then displayed below. If you do not see this you will need to ensure your API key is valid by pressing the 'Verify' button, found in the API Keys section.