Get Started with censorREACT APIs

To get started with censorREACT you will first need to sign up. To sign up follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the censorREACT app 'Create Account' page. Found at
  2. Enter your email address. Press Next.
  3. Enter a password and confirm it. Press Next.
    NOTE: Make sure that your password includes a minimum of 8 characters, 1 Uppercase, 1 Lowercase and 1 number
  4. Once you have done this an email will get sent to the email that you provided in step 2.
  5. Enter the verification code from the email that was sent to you, into the field that says 'Verification Code'. If you have not received the email, press Resend.
  6. Now Press Finish.
  7. You will be logged in and a Terms and Conditions pop up will show. Feel free to view the Terms and Conditions. Otherwise select agree and click 'Get Started'.

Congratulations you are now signed up to censorREACT.