Your Account

General Overview

Your account page provides information about what plan you are on and the status of the plan.

From your account page you can also view and update your billing information.

How to change plan

To change plan you need to go to the 'Your Account' page in the profile menu.

  1. Click change plan
  2. Choose your billing currency
    NOTE: Once your billing currency is set it CANNOT be changed.
  3. Choose the plan you either want to upgrade to or downgrade to
    NOTE: If you downgrade it will only happen at the end of your current billing period. You will not downgrade straight away.
  4. If you have not yet entered payment information you will be asked for your payment information. Enter your information then press next
  5. You will then be asked for your billing address. Enter your billing address then press next.
  6. You then will have a final confirmation box pop up. Press confirm.

You have now upgraded your account. You will be prompted to refresh the page after 5 seconds. Once you have refreshed the page you will be in your new plan.

How to download your billing invoices

To download your billing invoices, you need to be on the 'Your Account' page. Once you are on this page:

  1. Go to Account History
  2. Choose your invoice
  3. Click download invoice on the right side of the invoice information

Updating your billing information

To update your billing information, you need to be on the 'Your Account' page. Once you are on this page:

  1. Click view billing information
  2. Choose the fields you want to update
  3. Once your billing information is correct. Click Save

Your billing information is now updated.