Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with payment page returning error code 401.
  • Fixed issue with Terms and Privacy Policy page not working.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing both Image and Text Test API to load.
  • Fixed issue of the pending emoji not being displayed.


  • Updated Card Details page.
  • Added tool tips to Main Menu icons (Top right).
  • Added icon to browser tab.

Next Release

The following features will be updated or fixed in our next release:

  • Issue with Moderation icon.
  • Display a more friendly error message when credit card is invalid
  • Update title to 'censorReact' from 'censor React - Progressive Web Application'.
  • Add tooltip on Moderated By in history.
  • Disable button on Test APIs when user has not entered any data.
  • Fix issues with updating user data.
  • Fix typo 'Trailing' to 'Trial'.