Text Settings

General Overview

There are three categories for validation; Blacklist, Greylist and Whitelist.

Blacklisted words cover any word or set of characters you wish to prevent being submitted.

Greylisted words are essentially a review system, allowing you to monitor how these words are used in context and determine if they should be blocked/approved in the future.

Whitelist words allow text to pass inspection automatically, overriding both your existing black/grey lists, as well as our underlying system word lists. An example of when to use this may be to allow a particular word that is usually unacceptable, but necessary for scientific or analytical conversations.

Some commonly requested words have already been added to the categories. Words you add yourself will override those in the pre-set list.

Creating Word Lists

  • Open relevant word list
  • Add words to input field
  • Hit spacebar, tab or enter to save that word and begin a new one
  • Click save


The user can define multiple unique sets of words lists, known as profiles. These profiles can be setup based on specific needs (separate profiles for different websites, for example), and use that list for different validation requirements.

Simply select which profile you wish to use within the call along with an active API key, and censorREACT will take care of the rest.

Blacklist Responses

Allows the user to determine how the System should react when it has discovered blacklisted content.

There are three kinds of Blacklist response:

  • Fail Validation with Error - System will return a failed response with a generic error
  • Fail Validation with Details - An error will be returned, along with a list of blacklisted content detected
  • Pass Validation with Masking - The tool will return a "successful" response, however it will highlight any blacklisted content found and replace it with a "mask" word; the type of mask used is defined by the user

Masking Options

  • Special Characters - ($!&^@*%#) - Each character of the blacklisted word is replaced with a randomly selected special character
  • Asterisks - (**********) - Replaces every character of a word with an asterisk
  • Censored - (CENSORED) - Rather than replace each character, the word will be replaced with the standard word "CENSORED"
  • Custom - User defined word, which will replace any flagged word with whatever has been written